Community Acupuncture

With a commitment to health and wellness equity we know that the typical price for treatment excludes many. In an effort to expand accessibility, we offer discounted community acupuncture treatments for those who would otherwise unable to receive care. If you are able to pay our list price, doing so helps sustain accessibly for our less resourced community members.

If you prefer a more private experience or are using insurance, see our private room options below.

The community room at Olo Acupuncture with a patient being treated by a practitioner while two patients rests.

New Patients

Foundations in Balance

All new acupuncture patients are led through our five treatment Foundations in Balance program.

Pay as you go:
$120 Initial Consultation & Treatment
$105 each, for appointments 2-5

Save 25% with our Intro Offer
Learn more on our New Patients page.

Intro Offer

Save 25%

– $399 –

$540 when purchased separately

For our Foundations in Balance Series
Includes five acupuncture treatments & three consultations

Acupuncture 101
Learn how acupuncture can help you
Learn basic TCM concepts for life

Available for purchase at the time of treatment.

Cannot be combined with other offers.  

Good for one year from the date of purchase.  

For use with community room acupuncture only.

Insurance & private room treatments do not apply.

See our New Patients page to learn more.

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Return Patients

Stand Alone

$85/ Treatment
Pay as you go with no commitment.

10 -Pack

$800 - $80/Treatment
Flexible Savings. Best for patients with irregular schedules or who only seek treatment as needed. Good for 1 year.


Best Value. $300 paid at the beginning of each month. 
Additional Treatments at the same discounted rate.
Perfect for patients seeking regular care. 3-month minimum.


$120 Re-engagement, New Condition or follow-up (includes acupuncture)
$85 Herbal Consultation (acupuncture not included)

Health Equity Treatments

With health & wellness equity in mind we offer discounted acupuncture treatments on a case-by-case basis. To learn more click here

Private Room Acupuncture

Private room acupuncture at Olo Acupuncture is perfect for individuals who prefer privacy or discretion or need more one-on-one time with their acupuncturists. Patients who are using insurance also book a private room treatment. Please contact to book.

A patient being treated by a practitioner in private room with a window and New York skyline at Olo Acupuncture.

Private Room Acupuncture

New Patients

$599 - Intro Offer (Save 25% on your first 5 treatments)

Return Patients

$1350 - 10-Pack

Insurance Coverage

Many insurance plans have acupuncture benefits. To learn more visit our insurance page.

Facial Services

Combing traditional Chinese medical theory with more modern understandings and techniques, acupuncture facials and their related services can do wonders for your skin, helping you look your best.



$600 - (save 10%)

Micro Current



Bodywork can be a wonderful accompaniment to acupuncture or be used on its own with tremendous therapeutic effects.

Body Realignment

Per Treatment

60-minutes $150
90-minutes $200

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy is a collaborative practice between you and your therapist to learn and listen to the unique language of your body. Using a combination of talk and a light, guiding touch, Somatic Therapy is a holistic form of counseling, grounded in the mind and body.

Somatic Therapy

New & Return Patients

60 Minute Session - $140
5 pack - $665 (5% discount)
10 pack - $1260 (10% discount)
Limited low cost treatments $80
15 Minute Exploratory call/ consult (free)

House Calls

House calls for acupuncture are available on an individualized basis. To arrange an acupuncture treatment at your home or office, contact the clinic .


New & Return Patients

From $300