Health Equity

Olo Acupuncture prioritizes health and wellness equity. With the cost of services being a barrier to access for many, we offer discounted rates for individuals who might otherwise be unable to receive the care they need.

The community room at Olo Acupuncture with a patient being treated by a practitioner while another patients rests.

Queer-Trans & BIPOC Centered Shifts

Shifts centered around the care of our Queer and BIPOC community members are available every Wednesday morning and Saturday Afternoon. Treatments are sliding scale $20-85. Please contact us to schedule.

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Activist & Organizer Treatments

Discounted and free treatments are available for local activists and organizers working for economic, social, racial, and environmental justice in New York City. You are eligible to apply if you are employed or regularly volunteer for a local non-profit working on these issues.


With a wide range in what activists and organizers are paid and can afford for services, we ask that each participant use their best judgment in deciding how much to contribute towards treatments. Any revenue received for these treatments will go towards providing services for other activists and organizers.


Sliding Scale Community Room Treatments

To find your price for community room acupuncture treatments, pick the group which most closely reflects your current situation. If you are in-between groups we kindly suggest "rounding up;" doing so helps us provide care to our less-resourced community members.

List Price

Pay the list price if you:
  • Earn over $75k/year
  • Could live at least partially off of unearned income
  • Are employed
  • Have health insurance
  • Are housing secure
  • Meet your basic needs
  • Have expendable income
  • Can choose to go out to eat and drink weekly or more
  • Have access to savings
  • Have assets (property, investments, inheritance)
  • Take regular vacations
Initial Appointment $120
Return Appointment $85
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Reduced Price Return Visits

Choose this group if you:
  • Earn between $45k - $75k/yr
  • Are employed
  • Have health insurance
  • Are housing secure
  • Have some expendable income
  • Are able to buy some new items
  • Have some debt but still meet your basic needs
  • Might have some assets (property, investments, inheritance)
  • Have access to some savings
  • Can take a vacation with minimal or no financial burden
Initial Appointment $120
Return Appointment $65
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Further Discounted Treatment

Choose this group if you:
  • Earn under $45k/yr
  • Are less than fully employed
  • Do not have private health insurance 
  • Have little or no expendable income
  • Have unstable housing or do not easily make your monthly rent
  • Typically have trouble meeting your basic needs
  • Struggle to buy new items and are not usually able to afford them 
  • Do not have family assets (property, investments, inheritance)
  • Have little or no savings
  • Have significant student or medical debt
  • Cannot go on vacation or take time off without financial burden
Initial Appointment $30
Return Appointment $30
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