New Patients

Foundations in Balance

All new acupuncture patients go through our Foundations in Balance program. 

Over the first five appointments, you learn how acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can treat your specific health concerns as well as concepts to help make the most of your time with us.

Intro Offer

$399 – Save 25%
For the Entire
Foundation in Balance Series
Usually $540
*Not combinable with other offers
✓ Learn how acupuncture can help.
✓ Purchase at the time of treatment.
✓ See the pricing page for more info.
1. Initial consultation & acupuncture treatment 

During your first consultation, you will review your health history and chief complaints with your acupuncturist, cover some basics regarding acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as receive a course of treatment and other personalized recommendations. An acupuncture treatment follows your consultation.

2. Follow-up consultation & acupuncture treatment

The flow of your second appointment is similar to the first one with a consultation followed by an acupuncture treatment. The consultation reviews how the first treatment went, follows up on any items not covered, and answers any questions that may have come up.

3. Return visit acupuncture treatment 

Now that you are getting the hang of things, your third appointment is similar to a typical return visit appointment, with no consultation. Simply get settled, and your acupuncturist will find you.

4. Return visit acupuncture treatment

Similar to your third visit, this appointment is like a typical return visit appointment, with no consultation. Simply get settled, and your acupuncturist will find you.

5. Follow-up consultation & acupuncture treatment

For your fifth appointment, you will reconnect with your acupuncturist for a consultation so we can check in to see how treatments are going. We'll have a better idea of how you are responding to treatment, be able to make any needed adjustments, as well as give you more information about continuing care.

Olo Acupuncture's community room with patients being treated on three treatment tables and a recliner.

Steps to Entering the Community Room

  1. Help keep the peace. Store large or noisy items – such as plastic bags – in the coatroom, silence all devices and remove loud shoes before entering.
  2. If you would like a pair of earplugs or cough drops, they are available at the front desk.
  3. Once inside, choose an available recliner or table. Please reserve tables for facedown treatments. If in doubt, use a chair, we'll move you to a table if necessary.
  4. Quietly stow your belongings in the bins behind the recliners or under the tables. Side tables are exclusively for clinic use.
  5. Remove your watch or anything that might interfere with taking your wrist pulse.
  6. Get comfy! Remove your shoes and socks and place them, along with other belongings behind your chair or under your table.
  7. Roll up your pant legs and shirt sleeves so we can have access to your arms and legs.
  8. Take a few moments to reconnect with your breath and enjoy being offline. No cell phone use, please.
  9. Your practitioner will be with you shortly.

Pre-Treatment Information

General Info

  • New Patient appointments can take one-and-a-half hours. 
  • Intro offers are available for purchase at your first appointment.

Check List

  • Complete your health history before the scheduled appointment time. You can fill it out online by clicking the link emailed to you, or arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time to fill in out at the clinic.  
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing so we can easily access your arms and legs below your elbows and knees. 
  • Arrive neither starved nor stuffed. We recommend a snack or light meal one to two hours before your treatment.

What to Expect


Upon arrival, check in with the front desk. You can stow your jacket or any large items in the coat room. It is also a great time to use the restroom or grab some water.


You will have a private consultation with your practitioner to discuss your chief complaints and review your health history. Consultations include questions, taking your pulse, observing your tongue, and perhaps palpating specific channels and points. You will discuss a course of treatment, what to expect, and have a chance to ask any questions you might have.


Treatments happen either in our community room or private room. If you are getting a community room treatment see our tips on entering the community room above. 

Once settled, needles are generally placed on your arms and legs below the elbows and knees but can also be placed elsewhere, such as the ears, head, back, or abdomen. All needles are sterile, non-toxic, and single-use.

While the application of needles is often painless, they can also be pinchy, dull achy, sharp, or you may feel a gentle movement similar to mild electricity. Our practitioners strive to make treatments as comfortable as possible, but some points are naturally more sensitive than others. If you are uncomfortable, let your practitioner know.

After the needles are applied, most patients enter a state of deep relaxation – often falling asleep. Treatments typically last anywhere from 20-minutes to 1-hour.

At some point, you will feel the relaxation coming to an end, your eyes will naturally open, and you will feel “ready.” When this happens, make eye contact with any practitioner in the room, and we’ll remove the needles.


Take a moment getting up. You may feel rejuvenated and energized, blissful and spaced out, or foggy and fatigued. These are all normal post-treatment feelings.

Put on your shoes and gather your belongings and exit to the reception area. There you can take some extra time with a glass of water or tea, check out and schedule future appointments, or follow up with your practitioner as needed.