Corporate Wellness

Acupuncture For Teams

Acupuncture is a sought-after perk for many employees in today’s workforce. As a safe and drug-free option for a wide range of conditions, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese are also known for their ability to reduce stress and help improve sleep as well.

Remote, in-person, and hybrid offices can all benefit from offering their teams perks centered around health and wellness. For in-person and hybrid offices trying to counter the post-pandemic return-to-office struggles impacting many in New York City and beyond, perks with the flexibility to be used both in office or while commuting to and from work are a great way to gently encourage employees to come in more often.

Some Benefits for the Company
  • Decrease employee stress
  • Enhance employee morale satisfaction & retention
  • Improve employee engagement & productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism, sick days & health care costs
Some Benefits for Employees
  • Reduce stress, aches, pains & other symptoms
  • Improved mental clarity, energy, productivity & focus
  • Enhance immune system & overall health
  • Improved mood & well-being

For fully remote offices looking at options for your team, health and wellness perks will continue to be a great way to show that your gratitude and appreciatation.

Luckily, providing the benefits of acupuncture and related services to your team has never been easier with options that fit a wide range of circumstances. To follow are some ideas around location and services available, but contacting Olo is the best way to start designing a tailored program perfect for you and your team.

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To learn about how acupuncture can benefit your team reach contact Olo by phone or email.

In Office Options

Too often breaks at the office can look very similar to work with employees just switching from one screen to another. Dedicated breaks with employees engaging their bodies and brains in a different way will allow them to feel refreshed and rested at a deeper level.

Bringing our providers to your office is a convenient way for your team to experience the benefits of acupuncture. Depending on your setup at your office this could be in a group setting, individualized sessions, or a combination of the two.

Group Stress Relief

‍Group sessions are based around community acupuncture sessions for your team of 5 or more at a time that works best for you.

What to Expect:
We will need a room large enough to accommodate the number of participants expected with seating arranged around the perimeter of the room. Alternatively, we can use yoga mats on the floor. Depending on the size of your team, they can arrive all at once or within a window of time.

Our providers will administer ear treatments consisting of about 5 needles in each ear. Afterward, employees rest for 15 to 30 minutes or more. Many will fall asleep or enter a state of deep relaxation. For larger teams, we can rotate in some as the others finish up.

Individualized Treatments

What to expect:
The room would be set up with a treatment table for acupuncture. Employees would schedule their appointments ahead of time. Sessions last 30 minutes to one hour.

In-Clinic Treatments

Many offices in New York City do not have the space available for wellness services. There are also seemingly more fully remote offices every day, and they often want to continue to show the team some extra care.

Treatments at Olo’s clinic are a great alternative to onsite office treatments, and there are many benefits to this approach, including privacy and flexibility.

With employees not getting treatment at the office, employees can find dealing with sensitive health concerns easier and less stressful. Employees can also take advantage of all clinic hours when booking services and times that are the most convenient for them.

What to Expect:
Team members who come into Olo for treatment will experience our typical high standard of care and attention.

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Payment Options

Health Insurance

With many insurance plans covering acupuncture treatments, if your company’s plan is among them, then including treatments in your corporate wellness programs is straightforward.

Beyond Insurance Coverage

Even if your health insurance plan does not cover acupuncture, introducing acupuncture to your corporate wellness program can be straightforward and quickly benefit your employees. Employers can choose how much to contribute to these treatments but depending on your goals we generally suggest no less than 50%. Treatments or packages for individuals or the whole team are available for purchase.

Learn More About
Corporate Wellness at Olo Acupuncture

To learn about how acupuncture can benefit your team reach contact Olo by phone or email.