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Maggie has a soothing, calm, grounded presence...

"...deeply relaxing and healing..."
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Kind, compassionate, and a great listener.

"Working with Maggie is a gift.."
Jenny T.
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Post-op Shoulder Pain

"Arlen's calm presence is soothing and unwavering attention is unparalleled."
Amy Miketic
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GREAT prices for quality treatment

"Olo has the warmest staff!"
Jon A.
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Headaches, stress, anxiety and associated digestive issues.

"I really look forward to every session..."
Samira L.
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Digestive Wellness

“I started to feel immediate relief that has had a lasting impact on my stomach”
J. Grauer
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Shoulder Pain

“My shoulder feels a lot better and I no longer have to take over the counter meds to manage the pain.”
Sam L.
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Back pain, headaches & anxiety

"I leave feeling balanced every time and that balance has definitely translated into my daily life. I'm healthier and I'm happier."
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Back Spasms & Pain

"A must try if you haven't or considering. I am going for more!"
Mary C.
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"In addition to the treatment from the needles, her way of being with me is profoundly healing."
Pareena Lim
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De Quervain's Tenosynovitis

"I am no longer living in pain every day. I feel like I have my life back!"
Monica T.
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Headaches for 40 Years

"...a wonderfully serene and welcoming healing space."
Anne E.
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Numbness From Neck to Fingers

"...after a few treatments the problem went away and hasn't come back."
Diana M.
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Herniated Disk

"The common room is very relaxing...Feel great afterwards and pain free"
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"Wonderful, caring staff..."
Amanda Y.
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"Olo is a delightful and refreshing oasis in the middle of Chelsea."
Valerie G.
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"I can honestly say I am still migraine-free!"
Jamie C.
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"Three months later– I’m much more peaceful and my blood pressure is normal again."
Val G.
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