Meghan Herzfeld (they/them)


Certified Somatic Therapist & Clinic Manager

Meghan studied dance and graduated from Bennington College in Vermont. They are a Certified Somatic Therapist in Transformative Touch from the Somatic Therapy Center in Philadelphia and currently live and work in New York City. 

Meghan has been a client of Somatic Therapy for the past ten years and has been deeply changed and expanded by it. As a dancer, yoga teacher, lover of acupuncture, and all things body, they found that through Somatic Therapy, they began to understand things about themselves that “talking it out” could never quite land on. 

Somatic Therapy has allowed Meghan to be more self-trusting, alive, pleasureful, and aware of how to show up in an embodied way. They believe that the world needs and deserves more embodied people, and it is an honor and privilege to begin to offer this practice that has generated immense growth and expansion for them personally.  

Meghan is also an avid biker and cat parent to their beloved Jennipurr Coolidge Herzfeld.

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I started working with Meghan with little to no experience of somatic work and soon became aware of the subtle knowledge of sensation. I frequently reference tools and means of resourcing within my own body that I wouldn't be aware of without our work together. The way Meghan holds space creates a supportive and open environment, primed for exploration and unexpected insight.

Peter L.