Somatic Therapy with Meghan Herzfeld, CST

October 17, 2023

I have been a client of Somatic Therapy for the past ten years and have been deeply changed and expanded by it. As a dancer, lover of acupuncture, and all things body, I found that through Somatic Therapy, I began to understand things about myself that “talking it out” could never quite land on. Somatic Therapy has allowed me to be more self-trusting, alive, pleasureful, and aware of how to show up aligned and grounded in my sense of self.  

Since deciding to pursue Somatic Therapy professionally and studying at the Somatic Therapy Center in Philadelphia, I have been practicing in New York City for the past year. The belief that the world needs and deserves more embodied people is central to this work. It is an honor and privilege to expand my offering of this practice, which has generated such immense growth and expansion for me. We all have much to gain by tuning in and listening to our bodies.

What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic Therapy is the practice of learning and listening to the unique language of our body. Derived from the ancient Greek word for body /sōma/ Somatic Therapy is a holistic form of counseling that is grounded in the mind-body connection and combines dialog, movement, and light touch.

If you’ve ever felt a sense of numbness or disconnection from your body, you're not alone! We live in a world that encourages us to “keep going.” With Somatic Therapy, you take space to slow down, decompress, reconnect, and listen to the messages of the body that often go unheeded. 

As a collaboration between you and your therapist, sessions cultivate a safe space for communication, allowing you to explore a deeper awareness of your body that can reduce discomfort, strain, and stress while supporting a greater sense of self, strengthening resourcefulness and resilience to life’s challenges. 

Somatic Therapy is centered on the belief that each of our bodies is a wise resource, ally, and guide that we can depend on. We explore bodily tension and sensations using dialogue, movement, and touch. As we begin to attune to the beliefs that inform our posture, movement, and health, we are given the opportunity to move out of unconscious habituation and into conscious choice. By tuning in to our body, we are welcoming in that which supports moving with ease and freedom in life, both physically and emotionally.

What a Typical Session is like

During a session, clients lie on a massage table, fully clothed. The practitioner facilitates gentle hands-on movement, coming into contact with the client’s head, shoulders, pelvis, legs, and feet. Clients may experience energy releases, expression of stuck emotions, and a heightened sense of ease and clarity. 

Clients can expect to sit, stand, get up on a table (step stool supplied), and receive touch in a Somatic Therapy Session. Sessions can also be done seated.

A Consent-Based Practice

Somatic Therapy is a consent-based practice, and space is given at the top of each session to discuss any safety needs, such as any parts of the body that the client does not consent to be touched. This includes wearing masks when appropriate and at the client's request.

Who's it For?

As one of my teachers said, Somatic Therapy is “…great for anyone who has a body." 

Somatic Therapy is a good fit for anyone who may:  

  • Be navigating life’s many transitions, such as stress or grief
  • Have an unexplained physical ailment. 
  • Be curious about deepening their relationship and understanding of their body.
  • Feel a longing to relieve the tension you carry around each day.
  • Feel like they are living “in their head” and are curious about how connecting to their body can support feeling more grounded and engaged.
  • Want to expand your connection to your body and general awareness.
  • Want to expand your capacity to feel connection and pleasure in your body.
  • Desire to express emotions long held in the body
  • Be curious about restoring movement and self-expression 
  • Want to create new and awakened relationships with their body

Because Somatic Therapy can help integrate other healing modalities and bring new awareness and language to how and why they benefit your body and mind, you may consider combining it with talk therapy, acupuncture, or other bodywork techniques. 

How often? 

Because we are working with established patterns of being, and the body can take time to come toward new practices of safety and expansion, Somatic Therapy is best with consistency. Ten sessions are recommended to start.

Distinct from Talk Therapy

Lastly, it is important to note that though they can go hand-in-hand and work on similar issues, Somatic Therapy is not psychotherapy or talk therapy. It is not meant as a replacement for, and should not be used in place of, psychotherapy or similar treatment with a licensed practitioner.

A Special Offer

If you are interested in learning more about Somatic Therapy and seeing if it is a good match for you, I am offering free 15-minute consultations either by phone or in person.

If interested please reach out to me by email at

Full 60-minute sessions are $140

  • 5 pack - $665 (5% discount) 
  • 10 pack - $1260 (10% discount) 

There are also a limited number of reduced-price sliding scale treatments available

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