A safe, reliable and drug-free option for health & wellness

Olo Acupuncture was opened in 2011 by Yuka Hagiwara, L.Ac. and Michael Waterman, L.Ac.

A decade earlier on a trip volunteering with a group of acupuncturists in Northern India, they saw treatments performed in large community rooms with dozens of people at a time. It became clear that acupuncture practiced in a community setting makes so much sense for both the practitioner and patients alike. Not only is it safe, effective and affordable but it can allow for greater oversight and more flexibility during treatment.

This experience left a major impression, which 10 years later, grew into Olo Acupuncture.

From the beginning the goal was to create a communal healing space where New Yorkers could receive the highest quality treatments in a beautiful and convenient location, without breaking the bank.

The Olo community has steadily grown to its current team of fantastic healing professionals, our fabulous support staff, and thousands of wonderfully inspiring patients.