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Introducing JaneApp – Olo's new Online Scheduler

July 1, 2017

All of us at Olo Acupuncture are excited to welcome JaneApp as our new all-in-one online scheduling and charting software. There are many improvements in JaneApp that allow us to sync our systems and processes in a way that has been unavailable until now, but the most visible ones for you, our wonderful patients, include:

  • A better overall feel and user experience.
  • A single place for all your scheduling needs, so you will no longer have to access the website from your desktop and the app from your phone or tablet.
  • An easy to use waitlist, so you can let us know to contact you if an appointment opens up during specified times.
  • There is also a patient portal where patients can fill out forms at home, and we can share information such as diet recommendations, referrals, etc.

Besides the better overall experience we know JaneApp will provide for both patients and staff, we are looking forward to exploring how we can use the portal to extend the healing experience after your treatment.

As with most changes, there is some give and take and for the time being online booking is only available for community room acupuncture appointments.

That means that patients interested in massage, acupuncture-facials, and private room/insurance treatments will be able to see what is available online, but will be instructed to call or email us to book.

To Get Started

Welcome emails will be sent out, but in the event that you did not get one, both old and new patients can get started with JaneApp by clicking the ‘book now’ button at the top of our website. Once linked to the scheduler returning patients can sign in and new patients can sign up.

If you regularly book appointments from your smartphone or tablet you can quickly set up a save to home screen shortcut that works similarly to an app. It only takes about 30-seconds and can make things just that much easier for you.

Please note that since we cannot import billing data from the old system, we will need to collect billing information from you in order to reserve future appointments. You can enter in your card info online or we can swipe your card next time you are in.

We're looking forward to hearing what you think about JaneApp and if you do have any questions or comments do hesitate to reach out.

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