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Coronavirus Update – Scheduling Changes & Options for Care

March 12, 2020

With the coronavirus continuing to spread in New York City, we want to update you on how we are adjusting at Olo and how we can support you during this challenging time. 

We are continuing to watch the situation and adjust our routines as needed. As we mentioned in our last update, we were already practice the most important steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, such as washing hands. Since then, we have taken these additional steps to keep the environment at Olo Acupuncture clean and all of our patients and team members healthy. 

  • New Sheet & Pillow Process. If you’ve been into Olo during the last week, you have seen our new sheet and pillow system. Everyone seems to have adjusted, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. Please continue to let us know what you think and if there is anything else we can do. 
  • Increased Cleaning. We are wiping down all surfaces with disinfecting wipes throughout the day. 
  • More Space Between Patients. We are limiting access to specific tables and recliners, so there is an appropriate amount of space between patients in the community room. Fewer tables and recliners will limit our capacity during the busier shifts, so we suggest scheduling well ahead for any appointments after 5 PM. 
  • No Late Cancelation Fees for Illness or Possible Exposure to Corona Virus. Until further notice, our late cancellation fees will be waived for patients with flu-like symptoms, as well as if you suspect you have been exposed to the coronavirus.  

The Importance of Social Distancing

At this point, it still appears safe for asymptomatic individuals that do not believe they have been exposed to the virus to attend to life's needs as they are taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others. 

That said, with social distancing a critical part of our global containment strategy against the coronavirus, please assess the necessity of treatment. If we can reduce the number of transmissions even by a little bit, it will give our healthcare system more time to cope and should lessen the overall impact of the virus. If you feel that you are not putting yourself or others at risk by coming in, we will be here for you. 

Scheduling Changes

With many companies moving to remote working arrangements and our routines otherwise being upended, we know that a number of you will be unable to come in for treatment for the time being. However, we also recognize that many of you depend on acupuncture treatments for pain relief, immune support, stress, and anxiety relief, or otherwise benefit from ongoing care.

With this in mind, we will do our best to remain open and keep acupuncture treatments accessible to you. However, we do expect scheduling changes in the coming days and weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make these adjustments. 

Important Notices

If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath, stay home and call your doctor or nearest urgent care clinic. They can assess and make proper recommendations. 

Coronavirus testing is becoming more available by the day. If you are unsure of your status, it is best to self isolate until you can be sure.

If you are over 70 years old or have an underlying condition, now is an excellent time to check with your doctor about steps you can take to protect yourself. Underlying conditions include asthma, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory conditions, as well as if you are immune-compromised.

Your Options for Care at Olo

We currently offer the following option for care at Olo.

  • Acupuncture treatments.
  • Private room treatments are available. Please call to inquire. 
  • House calls are available for existing patients on a case-by-case basis.
  • Herbal consults in person, or via video chat. More below.

Herbal and Wellness Consultations Via Video Chat

For those of you that are unable or decide not to come in, we still have options to support you. Consultations are available by phone or video chat. We will answer any questions you have and can recommend herbal formulas you can take to help boost your immunity. 

  1. Schedule an herbal consult online or by phone or email
  2. Let us know in the appointment notes that you would like to do this by phone or video chat.
  3. We’ll send you video conferencing details and call you during this time.  
With allergy season here and flu seasons still going strong, it will be easy for us to confuse our symptoms. If in doubt, give your doctor a call.  

Our Immune Support Recommendations

In the meantime, here are ways to keep your immune system at its peak: 

  • Hydrate and eat nutrient-dense foods. Drink plenty of room temperature water and eat a diverse array of cooked vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats.
  • Sleep and exercise. Moderate exercise, sleep, and rest go a very long way in keeping our bodies, minds, and spirits well. Sleep is immune system magic, and getting enough can make all the difference. Unfortunately, catching up on weekends is not as effective as a consistent and proper sleep schedule.
  • Avoid alcohol, dairy, processed, greasy, and sweet foods. These all weaken your natural immunity.
  • Eat your mushrooms! Mushies are known to have powerful immune-boosting properties, so eat your shitake, maitake, etc. 
  • Supplement with vitamins ACD, and zinc. These are vital for a robust immune system.
  • Take immune support herbs that fit your constitution. Each individual responds to stressors, pathogens, and herbal formulas differently based on their constitution. We can help you to determine which immune support herbs are best for you.
  • Stop smoking & vaping. One of the significant risk factors with the coronavirus is impaired lung function. If you smoke or vape, this is a great time to look at your options for quitting or at least reducing your use. It’s never too late to stop, and your lung function will quickly improve. 
  • Connect with people and things you love. As we slow down, this is an opportunity to connect with loved ones over video chat or pick up books you’ve had by your bedside that you have wanted to read. Community strengthens immunity, so reach out to someone you love.
  • Acupuncture and moxibustion. Both acupuncture and moxibustion were used traditionally to maintain health and immunity, and some modern studies show that these therapies do indeed increase white blood cells. We offer acupuncture and moxa at Olo Acupuncture but can also provide you with moxa and instructions so you can do it at home. 


  • The New York Times has removed the paywall on their coronavirus coverage.
  • Ars Technica has a guide to the more essential coronavirus details that they update regularly. 
  • We posted a video on the Olo Acupuncture Facebook account about how to understand exponential growth and epidemics, as well as an article explaining why soap and water are so good at destroying the coronavirus. 
  • WHO Q&A
  • CDC Prevention
  • Mayor Bill De Blasio encourages New Yorkers to sign-up for text alerts straight from the city— you can text “COVID” to 692-692 to get those. 
  • With finances being such an important consideration and potential stressor right now, we hope this New York Times Q&A on some of the more common questions regarding your money and the coronavirus helps.

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