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Discounted and Free Services for Activist & Organizers

September 30, 2022

*Updated 11/15/22*

With the help of a generous gift, we are expanding discounted and complimentary treatments for local activists and organizers working for economic, social, racial, and environmental justice in New York City. You are eligible to apply if you are employed or regularly volunteer for a local non-profit working on these issues. Please contact us with any questions about eligibility.

To get started, click here, fill out the form, and we will be in touch shortly. 


With a wide range in what activists and organizers are paid and can afford for services, we ask that each participant use their best judgment in deciding how much to contribute towards treatments. 

Any revenue received for these treatments will go towards providing services for other activists and organizers. 

Health Insurance

If you have health insurance that may cover acupuncture, please fill out an insurance verification request and the activist and organizer form, and we’ll be in touch with more information. 

Credit Cards on File

Every patient is required to have a credit or debit card on file. Cards on file are used in accordance with our cancellation policy. In the event of a late cancellation or no-show, you will be charged the amount you typically pay. For example, if you pay $30 per treatment, you will pay $30 for a late cancellation or no-show. If you do not pay out-of-pocket for treatments, your card will not be charged for a late cancellation or no-show. Please see below how late cancellations and no-shows can affect your participation in this program. 

No card, no problem. Contact the front desk, and we will review your options with you. 

Scheduling Appointments

After we have contacted you about participation, discounted treatments are scheduled the same as other patients. 

  1. 1. View available appointments online by clicking the book now button.
  2. 2. Call or email us with your preferences.

Appointments are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please help your fellow patients out by booking daytime or weekend appointments. We have a limited amount of appointments after typical working hours.

Courses of Treatment & Reevaluations

A course of treatment (CoT) is our recommended frequency and duration for your treatments. For example, a practitioner may suggest you come in once per week for eight weeks for best results. 

Your initial CoT will be assigned by your practitioner during your first appointment. Subsequent CoTs are assigned with a scheduled reevaluation. 

Late Arrivals, Late Cancellations, or Missed Appointments

Sticking to your course of treatment is your best chance of getting the results you are looking for. Late arrivals, cancellations, and missed appointments significantly impact our schedule and our ability to treat you and our other patients. 

With a limited number of discounted and free appointments available, regular late arrivals, and frequent late cancellations or missed appointments, will be taken into account as we assess if this is a good fit. 

To Get Started

To get started, click here, fill out the form, and we will be in touch shortly.

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