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2020 Chinese New Year Special

January 20, 2020

To welcome in 2020, the year of Metal Rat, we are offering a re-engagement special for our return patients who have not received treatment at Olo Acupuncture in over six months. 

The Rat is the first year of the Chinese lunar calendar’s 12-year cycle, while Metal is the element of autumn – the season to reap what you have sowed. Together, 2020 the year of Metal Rat will see both the results of the past 12-years cycle while also setting the stage for this new cycle. Fortunately, acupuncture can help with both those nagging issues you want to address, as well as with setting intentions for the next 12 years as one of health and wellness. 

With so many of us choosing the new year to start or re-establish exercise routines, we can often find ourselves overdoing it or injuring ourselves. As a result, we often see a lot of New Year’s resolution related aches and pains. If that happens to be you, we can help get you patched up and back out there faster than you might otherwise. 

With Dry January growing in popularity as New Year’s resolution, acupuncture can help you make the most of your month with no alcohol. Once January is over, treatments can prolong the effects and help you optimize your body’s ability to detoxify as we head into February and beyond. 

Whether you would like to reprioritize your long term wellness goals or treat a new injury, we are here for you!

If you are a new patient, we have our popular Intro Offer available year-round. You’ll save 35% when you purchase your first five treatments upfront. Learn more on our New Patients page

Re-Engagement Special
Available Through February 2020.
Schedule a Re-Engagement Consultation and Treatment 
And You’ll Receive a Complimentary Consultation. 
A $40 Savings, Usually $105.

To get started, click the Book Now button above and schedule a “Community room – Re-Engagement & Return Visit Acupuncture Treatment, or contact the clinic during business hours. 

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