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About Acupuncture

Health Through Balance

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are based on an understanding of health through balance. Health is a state of optimal balance, where all of your systems are working as they should. Symptoms, such as pain or insomnia, are alerts to an imbalance.

Finding Patterns

To diagnose the imbalance, practitioners look for patterns through observation and by asking questions about the patient’s experience.

Treating From The Root

With treatments focused on the root of the imbalance and not just the symptoms or disease, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can treat an enormously wide range of conditions.

Treating with Acupuncture

An acupuncture treatment is the insertion of extremely thin stainless steel needles into precise points on the body. The combination of points are prescribed based on the pattern of imbalance determined by the practitioner.

Beyond Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese medicine includes many techniques beyond acupuncture. Nutritional advice, herbal medicinals, massage, moxibustion, cupping and gua sha are all effective at alleviating symptoms and re-establishing an optimal state of balance.