Rosanna Lee, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Rosanna worked as an architect for many years before entering the world alternative medicine.

Interested in holistic healing for as long as she can remember, and a belief in the bodies innate ability to heal itself, Rosanna studied Reiki at the Integrative Medicine Department of the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center after a family member had been diagnosed with cancer. From there, she continued her studies with massage, which had the added benefit of providing a deeper knowledge of the body, as well as, a license to practice.

While studying massage, she discovered the countless benefits of massage therapy, from trigger point release to therapeutic massage, she was also exposed to different kinds of energy healing such as cranial-sacral, polarity and reflexology.

With experience in a high end spa and a chiropractor’s office, Rosanna technique consists of a combination of deep tissue therapeutic massage, Swedish medical massage, Shiatsu, Reiki and Polarity. She finds that energy healing is especially useful on stress, headaches, tension relief and simply a feeling of renewal and well being.

Rosanna graduated from Swedish Institute in New York City, and is Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in the State of New York. She is a certified Reiki master and a Polarity practitioner. She also does short experimental videos that have shown at numerous festivals. Currently, she is focusing to incorporating energy healing into her video and artworks.

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"Rosanna Lee gave me the most thorough, attentive massage experience I've ever had (and I've had many)."

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