Nicole Beauregard

Front Desk

Nicole joins the Olo family with an enthusiastic focus on health and fitness. When she’s not tending to the customer service needs of Olo’s front desk, Nicole employs her knowledge as a certified personal trainer to strength train competitively and find inventive ways to create opportunities for healthier living. She believes strongly in community acupuncture, knowing that each and every person in the room is there to achieve optimal wellness, making the experience more calming and healing, and allowing patients to feed off of others’ good vibes.

When not working or working out, Nicole enjoys playing percussion instruments, with emphasis on djembes and bongos, both different types of hand drums. She has also been painting with acrylics creating abstract images, while encouraging her boyfriend to pick up a paint brush and explore his creative mind. She believes art is very therapeutic, making it easy to say even the most difficult things.

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