Kyle Ives Garson

Many people often become acquainted with acupuncture and Chinese medicine due to a pain, injury, or imbalance in their own bodies, but for Kyle Ives Garson it was through the healing effects it had on his parents.

“When I was young, my mother was diagnosed with leukemia,” says Kyle. “Through her treatment I was exposed to both the limits of Western medicine and the incredible power Eastern medicine. I saw the huge contribution acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine made in my mother‘s recovery.”

Though he may have been too young to understand the wide reaching importance of this work as a whole, that changed when Kyle’s father was later diagnosed with bone cancer in 2014 and sought out Eastern medicine during his treatment and in recovery. Having bared witness to the struggles of both of his parents as well as the comfort provided to them via acupuncture and Chinese medicine, a holistic career path seems like an obvious one for Kyle, but that wasn’t quite the case.

“While formative in manifold ways, this experience would act in the background of my life until [2014] when I recognized I had arrived in my previous career and position by confusing my ambition with my happiness,” says Kyle. “In realizing that I didn't truly feel the end-result of my work had long-term value, I was drawn back to the work my mother had done with her Eastern medicine practitioners when she was most sick--how much that changed her, and in-turn, our family. Acupuncture shifted not only the momentary and immediate world of her sickness, but the greater arch of her experience. That, I determined, was what it meant--for me--for a pursuit to have true value.”

At Olo Acupuncture, Kyle looks forward to treating a wide range of patients, and welcomes those with gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune disorders, and cyclical pathologies, as well as serve general transgender and LGB healthcare. “I love equally that acupuncture provides me the opportunity to build genuine relationships with new people daily and allows me to work with my hands in a way that requires that I consistently exercise and develop greater skill and standards of craftsmanship,” he says.

When he’s not adding to the positive energy of community-based acupuncture, Kyle enjoys working with his hands, including knitting, sewing, roof deck gardening, cooking, and formulating medicinal oils and salves. “Meditation has also become a much larger part of both my personal life and my recommendations to patients,” he adds. “I have recently reinvested in my study of Mandarin Chinese and consistently find it rewarding. I also probably watch WAY too much Star Trek.”

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