Emily Siy, MSTOM, L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist

With a 10-year career in graphic design, Emily Siy’s many hours of sitting in front of a computer began to take a toll on her body, both physically and mentally. This discomfort combined with lack of movement led her back to the natural healing practices her grandparents employed when she was a child. “They often used simple herbal remedies when my brother and I were sick,” says Emily. “After they had passed, the memories of how they cared for us, stuck with me. I later tried acupuncture for the first time for simple knee pain and found it to be magically effective.”

Emily looked to yoga and acupuncture to help bring her back to a more balanced lifestyle. In addition to better health and well-being, the path led to a completely new career as well. Emily trained at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, graduating in 2014 with a Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM). She is currently licensed to practice in New York State.

As a new Olo practitioner, Emily is available to patients with imbalances and ailments of all kinds, but those with emotional, pain, digestive health and women’s health issues, or those looking for a little guidance in order to get back to themselves are her specialties. “Emily is a gifted healer and we are lucky to have her as a member of the Olo family,” says Yuka Hagiwara, Olo Co-Founder and Clinical Director.

Emily is equally excited about joining the Olo staff, saying, “I like that each Olo practitioner has something special about them, as if they were handpicked to create the most ideal healing space in NYC! This to me sets the tone each time I come into the space; my body understands what is supposed to happen here.”

Emily’s outside interests, including teaching and practicing yoga and meditation, staying active and studying medical Qi Gong, all play a role in the unique healing she provides as an acupuncturist. Even her love to travel and explore NYC is a part of the draw to Olo’s community-style acupuncture.

“I like that it is accessible and at the same time powerful,” says Emily. “Olo has taught me that community acupuncture is more than just affordable care, but that it creates a relationship around healing. Community acupuncture can show patients that acupuncture is not just healing on the physical plane but the energetics involved create a more powerful treatment as well.”

Featured Testimonial

"My upper back pain, my headaches, my anxiety... all have been drastically, drastically reduced if not gone altogether since I started seeing Emily for acupuncture once a week. I cannot express enough how much the treatments have helped. It's also comforting to know that when I'm walking into the clinic, I feel like I'm walking into a safe space, no matter what my state of mind is prior to arriving. I leave feeling balanced every time and that balance has definitely translated into my daily life. I'm healthier and I'm happier."

-- A.G., Artist

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