Angie Pittman

Front Desk

Angie joins the Olo staff with a strong background in dance, having earned her MFA in Dance and Choreography from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a graduate minor in African American Studies, and her BA in Dance from Old Dominion University. When not working at the front desk, she uses her skills, talents and education performing as a freelance dancer, teaching dance instruction, and choreographing her own solo work.

Maintaining a well-functioning mind-body connection is important to Angie, who does so through dance and movement, as well as through acupuncture. Angie particularly enjoys the community experience Olo offers, allowing herself to be surrounded by others focused on wellness and healing.

“The environment of community acupuncture feels like being treated in a happy home,” says Angie. “It’s comfortable, warm, inviting, and does not at all feel clinical or impersonal.”

While dancing takes up most Angie’s time away from Olo, she also enjoys experimenting with making her own all-natural soaps and body products for friends and family.

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