Janelle Belgrave


Licensed Acupuncturist

Janelle Belgrave pursued an undergraduate education toward becoming a sex and marriage counselor, but soon found she wanted a more tangible, hands-on approach way of healing people. “After some research, I saw how closely Chinese medicine aligned with my beliefs that everything is connected and reflective of itself,” says Janelle. “That when we flow in harmony with the earth and the heavens, we achieve true health and balance. Within a year I was enrolled in school.”

As someone who enjoys figuring out the intricate patterns and puzzles of the body and how to heal it, acupuncture is a perfect match for Janelle. She enjoys helping patients who are working through anxiety disorders, emotional disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, pain syndromes, and female reproductive health, and feels community acupuncture is the perfect setting for patients to begin their journey toward balance.

“I believe that healing is powerful in community,” says Janelle. “Healing energy thrives in settings where it's encouraged. Community acupuncture creates space for healing to be accessible for all those who seek it. There's power in holding that space. A healthy society creates a healthy world.”

For patients who are looking to make lifestyle changes in engaging and exciting ways that benefit their lives, Janelle is the ideal practitioner. “For me, it's a constant reminder that we are multifaceted beings that deserve loving care,” she says. “I love the look of peace clients have post-treatment. It's so rewarding to hear that they’re noticing positive changes due to these tiny needles and herbal remedies.”

When not sticking needles into meridians, Janelle counsels and coaches clients using astrology, which has been her love since the age of 12. She hosts an astrology podcast called Stars on Fire with a fellow astrologer Mecca Woods about TV, film, and astrology. In addition to astrology, she works as a clairvoyant intuitive by giving readings and teaching others how to strengthen their innate intuition. When Janelle takes breaks from working, you can often find her Latin dancing.

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"I have a very stressful job, and I honestly don't think I could get through my week without Janelle!"

Vitoria M.