Sarah Biffen


Licensed Acupuncturist

It’s hard not to see Sarah’s joining of the Olo Acupuncture staff as though her path in life has come full circle. “As I began my own personal healing journey, I first received acupuncture at Olo, and it completely changed not only my overall health but also my entire perspective on medicine,” she says.

The daughter of two medical practitioners, Sarah has been drawn to the healing arts from a young age. However, she knew something about her approach to well-being was going to be different from the standard Western structure she’d grown up around, which led her toward becoming an acupuncturist.

Today, Sarah likes to work with a wide range of conditions, including women’s health and fertility, gastrointestinal health, pain management surrounding musculoskeletal conditions, and emotional well-being. Her goal is to help make acupuncture and Chinese Medicine available to a wider array of people who would otherwise be unable to experience it.

Now among the community of Olo acupuncturists herself, Sarah is excited to provide services to others in an incredible healing space that was so profound with her own health.

“I love the connective relationship that we as practitioners are able to share with our patients,” says Sarah. “This is not a one-size-fits-all medicine, and each person is treated according to their particular needs. I love that this enables us to create a synergistic treatment strategy to meet people at their level, and provide them with the most effective care for their them as an individual.”

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